New CDEP Modules available

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The CDEP-Technical Writers Group  has prepared new modules that will serve as local reference materials for both the reviewers and the professionals.These new Class Modules are a result a series of workshop training the lecturers attended to  better equip them at module writing.


The CDEP-TWG will be working on three different module types that address the current needs of the Designed Environment Professions. The Review Modules provide updated review materials commonly used for the Licensure Examinations but modified with particular attention to relevance to the local setting and latest technology. These modules also aim to serve as basic reference for those who want to gain a general understanding of the Designed Environment. The Class Modules present a series of reference materials for use in the academe. It aims to act as a guide for the teaching of a particular subject through curated materials of presentation. The Seminar Modules feature specialized papers that are of particular importance in the industry today. The aim is for the writers to be able to share their specific expertise to the Designed Environment Professionals.

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