About CDEP


The Center for the Designed Environments Profession or better known as CDEP is a center of research and learning, as well as accredited Continuing Professionals Education (CPE) Provider, dedicated to the advancement of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, urban design, planning, fine arts and the engineering disciplines.



Its main function is to GENERATE, PROCESS and DISSEMINATE KNOWLEDGE through seminars, training workshops, expositions, and publication, for the benefit of design practitioners, researchers, and students of the DESIGNED ENVIRONMENT.
Its principals, Architect Christopher Espina, Architect Mary Anne Espina, Architect Alex Evangelista and Engineer Ruel Ramirez has made this academic institution what it is today.They all  have had several years of teaching experience in architecture and engineering schools, and have prolific track records in design, planning and research. They have significant exposures in Asia, Europe and North America on their respective fields. Their proven track record in the profession and their key credentials are the true driving force behind the 10 years of CDEP’s existence.