Architecture Sample Quiz


Architecture Sample Quiz

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A major contribution of Egyptian architecture was:

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A development plan that facilitates easier communication between the center and the periphery but may prove difficult for vehicular traffic.

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Also defined as the orientation of the earth’s surface in relation to the sun, it influences the daily and seasonal solar radiation received by the site.

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The complement of violet is:

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The distance between two siblings talking to each other would be an example of:

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In the above photo, the building form was most likely arrived at using which transformational method?

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Opening all the curtains of a ballroom will alter the space's ______________

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Which of the following is not exempted from applying for a Building Permit?

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A height of _____ mts. from the finished floor to the rim of the urinal is the standard mounting height for a kid’s urinal.

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Heat Gain in the tropics in mainly due to what?

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