Interior Design Sample Quiz


Interior Design Sample Quiz

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How many board feet is there in 16 pieces of 2” x 8” x 18’?

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Republic acts 10754 and 9994 mandate the provision of such in all commercial and government establishments.

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What portable machine is used for specialized cutting of shaped edges and mouldings with the cutter being moved through the work?

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The earliest known writing is called

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A finishing process applied to fabrics for the purpose of removing the fuzz of protruding fibers. This is accomplished by quickly passing the fabric over jets of flames or white-hot metal plates. To prevent the cloth form catching fire, the cloth is immediately immersed in water. Singeing makes the fabric surface smooth

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Blue-green + _________ = Analogous

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The RGB mode of screen display parallels the behavior of light.

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Relief work on metal materials. The design is pushed out by hammering the material on the reverse side.

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What is considered Philippine Mahogany?

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Who was not involved in the construction of the Versailles structures and gardens?

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