ARKI Physical Mock Board Exam Guidelines


No 2 Matulungin St. Brgy. Central Quezon City, Philippines 1100

02-8990-5689 I 02-8359-6575 I 0961-222-5954I 0905-2180103

On DEC 18,19,20 2023

       TIME                                                              SUBJECTS                                                                               WEIGHT

  • 8:00 A.M. – 10:30 A. M.          HISTORY AND THEORY OF ARCHITECTURE;                                                                                                                                   PRINCIPLES OF PLANNING; ARCHITECTURE PRACTICE                   30%
  • 10:30 A. M. – 1:00 P. M.       UTILITIES SYSTEMS/STRUCTURAL CONCEPTUALIZATION                                                                                                    / BUILDING MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION                                            30%
  • 1:00 P. M. – 2:00                                                      P. M. LUNCH BREAK
  • 2:00 P. M. – 7:00 P. M.                    ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN & SITEPLANNING                                         40%


General Instructions:

1. Room assignments will be emailed to you together with your examinee number. For more information call us at Landline: 02-89905689 / 02-83596575  Cell no: 0905-2180103 / 0961-4504887 / 0961-2225954 and look for Lucil

2. Report to the room assignment before 6:30 AM on the day of the examination. Be punctual. Late examinees will not be admitted.

3. Examinees are required to wear the following attire on the examination day:

a. MALE Examinees – White polo shirt with collar (without any seal, logo or mark) Decent pants or slacks.
b. FEMALE Examinees – White blouse or shirt with collar (without any
seal, logo or mark) Decent pants, slacks or skirt

4. Bring the following on the examination day:

a. Confirmed email appointment of Mock board examination.

b. Two or more pencils (No. 2)

c. Ballpens with black ink only

d. One piece long transparent/plastic envelope (for keeping your valuables and other allowed items.

e. Calculators with the following features only – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, trigonometric function, logarithm and xy.

f. In the afternoon examination, every examinee is required to bring the following:

1. architectural scales (English and Metric Scales)
2. 30 x 60 and 45 degree triangles
3. protractors
4. calculators (as stated above)
5. pencils, drawing pens, erasers, and other tools for sketching purposes.
6. graphing paper
7. Printed copy of Rule VII and VIII of the 2004 Revised IRR of P.D. No. 1096 “1977 National Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP)”.

g. Examinees will not be allowed to leave the examination rooms, borrow anything or communicate with one another on any subject matter. Every examinee is required to bring his/her lunch (placed inside transparent/plastic bag) on the day of the examination.

5. Read carefully and follow the instructions on your Test permit and examination guide.

6. The following precautionary measures and protocols shall be observed and implemented during the conduct of Mock Board such as, but not limited to:

a. All examinees shall be required to wear and bring their own protective face mask and alcohol-based sanitizers. For identity verification purposes and pre-examination checking of examination paraphernalia, the face mask shall be required to be properly

b. taken off temporarily to show the examinees face and the inner part of the facemask. Face masks during the progress of the exam shall not be allowed to be taken off.

c. All examination personnel shall be provided with extra protective masks or face shield.
d. All examinees and examination personnel shall be required to queue upon entry with one-meter distance radius from other examinees.

e. Body temperature shall be taken through thermal scanners prior entry to the CDEP premises. Those with fever, cough or colds shall not be allowed entry.

f. Physical/social distancing among and between examinees and personnel during the entirety of the exam and during their stay at CDEP premises shall be observed. Congregation, gathering or assembly within the examination rooms, hallways, or any area within the premises shall be strictly prohibited.

g. All examinees shall not be allowed to go outside the examination room during break time and lunch time. They shall be advised to bring their own packed lunch and snacks with them to be placed under their seats, and to be taken out only during break time.

h. Proper hand hygiene shall be observed particularly every after use of bathrooms.

i. Prior to entry to the examination rooms, examinees shall be required to sanitize their hands and their plastic envelopes with their alcohol or sanitizers.

j. Prior to distribution of the Test Questionnaire/ Booklets, examinees shall again required to sanitize their hands using their alcohol or hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers or alcohol thereafter shall be placed in their plastic envelopes and shall be deposited or placed at the designated are of the examination room.

Quezon City, 9 September 2020

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