• CDEP is the premier review center for licensure exams for Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design. By consistently producing topnotchers and board passers, CDEP gears the next generation of professionals for success in their respective fields.

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  • The CDEP Technical Writers’ Group (CDEP-TWG) is working on the both the production and updating of the center’s rich repository of knowledge. Knowledge is disseminated through printed materials that serve as references for both the review students and the practicing professionals.

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  • CDEP constantly builds on its existing knowledge base by engaging in research. The center supports knowledge seeking as well as knowledge dissemination initiatives. It is CDEP’s goal to bridge the gap between the academe and industry.

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Generate, Process and Disseminate Knowledge.

CDEP's main function is to GENERATE, PROCESS and DISSEMINATE KNOWLEDGE through seminars, training workshops, expositions, and publication, for the benefit of design practitioners, researchers, and students of the DESIGNED ENVIRONMENT.

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