The CDEP-Technical Writers Group

Enabling a culture of Research and Learning.

The CDEP-Technical Writers Group (TWG) is a pioneer group created by the Center for the Designed Environment Professions. With its primary goal to promote and instill a culture of research in the Designed Environment Professions in the country, the CDEP-TWG invited highly-motivated and talented writers to be a part of its team as they aim to produce quality research to be presented at the CDEP Conference 2013.

The CDEP-TWG also aims to address the current lack of local reference materials for the Designed Environment. With the approved syllabi of Architecture amongst one of its references, CDEP-TWG’s writers will be able to share their expertise to the academe with the publication of its Class Modules after undergoing a series of workshop training to better equip them at module writing. Seminar Modules will also generate more specialized journals to encourage professionals into critical thinking and participating in design discourse.


The CDEP-TWG will be working on three different module types that address the current needs of the Designed Environment Professions.

The Review Modules provide updated review materials commonly used for the Licensure Examinations but modified with particular attention to relevance to the local setting and latest technology. These modules also aim to serve as basic reference for those who want to gain a general understanding of the Designed Environment. The Class Modules present a series of reference materials for use in the academe. It aims to act as a guide for the teaching of a particular subject through curated materials of presentation. The Seminar Modules feature specialized papers that are of particular importance in the industry today. The aim is for the writers to be able to share their specific expertise to the Designed Environment Professionals.


The Center for the Designed Environment Professions established its review center through the continuous provision of high-quality review materials facilitated by its equally competent and qualified lecturers. Members of the CDEP-TWG are now tasked with the challenge to assess and update the Center’s review modules in collaboration with the CDEP lecturers.

Some areas to be considered for revision are the following:

1. Prevailing market sources and materials

2. Latest in construction technology

3. Sustainability and environmental initiatives

4. Adaptability to the local setting

The goal for the Review Modules is to set a standard for review materials in the Philippines for the Designed Environment Professions. These review materials are to be published as mini-textbooks that provide a summary of the fundamental principles of the different subjects required for the Licensure Examinations. They should also be able to translate the basic knowledge for students and public use.


The different academic institutions in the Philippines continuously strive to generate new bodies of knowledge and development for teaching in class.

A Class Module will include the following:

1. Class/topic syllabus

2. Proposed schedule for a workshop/class per semester

3. Reading list of local and foreign material

4. Basic presentation materials

5. Subject reference paper

It is the CDEP-TWG’s goal to help in this endeavor by generating a series of Class Modules that will provide lecturers and professors of specialized class guides that focus on a specific topic or specialization.


Highly specialized topics that require a more in-depth research will fall under the category of the Seminar Module. The Seminar Module targets Designed Environment Professionals and aims to provide for their Continuing Education. These research outputs will be presented at the CDEP Conference 2013 and will be published in a journal for distribution after the Conference.