Partner Program

reviewed and curated before any posting is mounted on the CDEP website. Strict care will be ensured to catalog them without bias and favour.

A separate partner program will be created for companies who wish the get their products listed en masse. The regular contributors will have almost the same access,except for a few specific data that will be part of the premium partner program.

Program Mechanics:

This program is open to designers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, artists who are willing to write and contribute for CDEP in creating this design database. Registration is required for all who wish to be part of this new and exciting endeavor and will be reviewed by the Technical writers group before being accepted in the resource pool.

The following criteria will be used to determine successful applicants:

Contributor Program:

    1. Between the age of 24 to 34 years old
    2. Must be a graduate of any design discipline (Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Industrial Design, Fine Arts)
    3. Working Knowledge on Office Applications
    4. Familiar with Blogs and Social Media
    5. Should not be associated with any related web blogs.

Editor Program:

    1. Between 30-50 years old
    2. Must have at least 3 years experience
    3. Must be a practicing/licensed design professional.
    4. Working Knowledge on Office Applications
    5. Familiar with Blogs and Social Media
    6. Should not be associated with any related web blogs.


Organizing the Content:

The content that will be generated by registered contributors will be organized according to product category.

The following Categories are suggested:

    1. Wood work
    2. Textile and Fabrics
    3. Bathroom Fixtures
    4. Tools/Hardware
    5. Paints
    6. Glass
    7. Metal
    8. Tiles
    9. Cladding/Roofing
    10. Others

Each Category can be further subdivided but for the purpose of organization, each sub category can be added into the Meta Data as Keywords to better facilitate the search algorithm.


  1. Will CDEP be selling these products that are listed?  No. CDEP will only enable these materials to be listed and provide the means to contact the supplier/distributor. These products can be purchased from their own respective websites after that.
  2. Is this service free?  This catalog is free of charge for registered CDEP users, enrolled reviewers, and partners.
  3. Is there a printed version of the catalog? There will be once we’ve collected a significant amount of data. Right now, we will put all our existing content online.
  4. What if I have a particular product that I wish to be listed, how do I go about it? Read the portion regarding contributing to the CDEP Search. We will gladly assist you in your application.
  5. What if there is a product that is incorrectly listed? Kindly send us an email  so that we can immediately respond to your request